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Healthy bones are key in keeping our bodies supple and strong. Within our bone structure however, are lesser discussed yet highly important elements, our joints! The health of these little guys can't be emphasized enough. Comprised of smooth cartilage and located between every connection of two bones, these delicate elements of the body perform such a vital task that each person would literally be stiff as a board without them!

Each joint, comprised of a lubricant called synovial fluid along with the flexible cartilage, cushion your bones and prevent them from rubbing together while also allowing for the majority of all movement throughout the body. Joints and their surrounding helpers account for every bend, turn, twist, wiggle, flip and wave that we do!

The amazing structure that makes up the very support of our bodies is owed not only to our strong bones but would really be useless without our joints, therefore, caring for them as we age is just as important if not more so than the bones themselves. Simply growing older, certain injuries, repetitive strains, like sitting incorrectly, or lugging around a few extra pounds cause wear and tear on joint cartilage.

We have all heard of the dreaded and paunful arthritis... which happens as a result from joint damage. The following are simple strategies to help you guard against this and other injuries and care for your joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Keep these areas healthy, strong and stable to guarantee your ability to do flips cartwheels and wave goodbye for many years to come.

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